The goal of KMI Structural Integration is to unwind the strain patterns residing in your body’s Muscle and Connective tissue Network (Myofascial System), restoring it to its natural balance, alignment, length, and ease.
Common strain patterns come about from inefficient movement habits, and our body’s response to daily stresses.
Individual strain patterns come from imitation of significant others when we were young, from the invasions of injury or surgery or birth, and from our body’s response to traumatic episodes.
What starts as a simple gesture of response can become a neuro-muscular habit. These habitual movements form one’s posture, and the posture eventually changes the structure of the body’s connective tissue or ‘fabric’.
KMI Structural Integration involves deep tissue manipulation combined with movement education. KMI Structural Integration is designed to restore structural balance, ease of movement, and a feeling of ‘fitting in your skin’.

KMI Structural Integration can help with:

  • increased range of motion
  • reduction of stress in the body
  • improved alignment
  • increase in energy
  • reduced pain
  • increased feeling of lightness and ‘lift’ in the body
  • freedom to the chest and ribcage
  • more movement available in the hips and spine
  • creating more movement and flexibility through the feet
  • improved balance
  • an enhanced body awareness
  • increased core support from foot to head
  • improved athletic performance
  • increased endurance
  • feeling more adaptable
  • greater ease of movement

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