History of Wing Chun

Wing Chun is the oldest, the most complete, and the most advanced fighting system in China. Having been developed in antiquity and refined over hundreds of years, the classical Wing Chun system contains the wisdom, labour and dedication of many people. The sophistication of the system can be seen in its ability to defeat a far stronger opponent through applying an absolute minimum of force; turning an apparent disadvantage into an advantage and thereby transforming the opponent’s strength into a weakness, Wing Chun wins by virtue of its focus on method, softness, skillful technique and theory.

Wing Chun Kuen Kwoon

Grand-Master Kevin Liu began teaching kung fu in Brighton, England, in 1984, and during the twenty three years since the founding of the Wing Chun School has instructed many students. As a descendant in a direct line that stems from Great Grand-Master Leung Jan, and which derives from Fu Shan, China, his Wing Chun is significantly different from the more commonly known interpretations of the style. Grand-Master Kevin Liu thus teaches and practices a highly refined and theoretical form of classical, traditional Wing Chun, and values quality far higher than quantity.

For Wing Chun personal training please contact Gary Carter.

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For Wing Chun personal training please contact Gary Carter.

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